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SerenusView™ allows users to upload, organize and view extremely large, high-resolution images over the Internet.  For instance, in the case of pathology, a biopsy of tissue or other substance is put on a glass microscope slide and studied.  However, many microscopes do not all the user to view the whole slide and move it around, panning and zooming to regions of interest.  The often do not see the regions in the context of the whole slide.

Microscope scanners, no matter what industry, are manufactured and sold by such companies as Aperio™, Olympus™, Hammamatsu™, and Ventana™ allow the the user to insert a slide and scan it at various resolutions. This creates a large, high-resolution image. Common scan magnification is 20x, 40x or 100x.

Have you ever experienced this problem?

Once the image is scanned, the image is saved in a proprietary file format and can only be viewed using their software.  The images can be very large - over 100,000+ pixels wide and as many tall. The size of the file can be 1+ gigabytes and have literally billions of pixels. (We have images well over 3GB and some multi-focal plane (Z-Stack) images are 11GB to 15GB in size).  Most image manipulation programs cannot open and view them directly - they run out of memory and become unresponsive.  This makes teaching, sharing and collaboration problematic. How do you easily view, annotate, and share a 3GB gigabyte file over the Internet in real-time?

Enter... SerenusView™

SerenusView was created to allow you to manage your large, high-resolution image inventory in a familiar folder structure, add annotations, and view and share them over the Internet - in real time. It's a fairly easy process.  After you create an account, you can log on, download the Image Upload Client and upload images. These images are processed into a format that makes them stream quickly over the Internet, maintaining their original quality and high resolution. Next, you create an annotated image, which then allows you to share a link with others. This annotated image allows you to add other objects, such as Regions of Interest.


SerenusServer is the back end web server application and pre-processing engine that allows you to manage your account and users and upload, organize and manage your images.


SerenusViewer is the fully web-based Silverlight client viewer that allows you to view and edit your images and allows users to view the images you've shared.

 These two pieces combine to make SerenusView a leading technology in the world of viewing and sharing large, high-resolution images over the Internet in real-time.

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